Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Value example 1: Band of Brothers

(Pictured Right)  The series "Band of Brothers" de-saturated a lot of the colour because most of what we see from the 1940's is black and white. They wanted to achieve the feel of what we are used to seeing from that time period, but still make it colour. So lowering the saturation made sense.

In a situation where the platoon are out of danger whether this be when they are placed on leave or if they are out of a combat situation then the scenes are filled with a lot more saturation.

If a flashback is occurring then the scene immediately turns on the verge of black and white. 

 Value example 2: The Machinist

The machinist is a film about an industrial worker who is fighting an internal battle with himself to remain sane. The film has a large use of value use. 

It is a film that has predominantly Sepia, desaturated and black and white shots to express the emotion of the scene.

These colours also work well to convey the industrialist environment that the main character is found in for much of the movie.
The desaturated tones also work to reflect the instability the character finds himself in.

Value Example 3

These 3 images show 

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